Tallinna Tänavatoidufestival 2018

For Visitors

Environment-friendly festival

Please keep the festival area clean and do not leave dishes or other waste on the ground, instead throw them into the garbage can.

  1. All the festival foods, in Tallinn Street Festival, are served on reusable or biodegradable dishes only.
  2. Drinks are served only in deposit-subjected bottles or cups. You will get a reusable cup when buying first drink. Use it repeatedly at the festival. You can take the cups to the return points at any time and your wristband registers deposit fee for the cup.  At the exits you can redeem the deposit money on the wristband. By doing this, you have contributed greatly to the lessening of waste management problems.
  3. Please throw the waste into the correct waste container:
    • biowaste aka unconsumed food
    • dishes (all the dishes, utensils are biodegradable and go there)
    • packaging aka bottles and cans
    • mixed waste, those few things that are not suitable for the previous containers (gums, cigarettes, etc.)
  4. We have eco-friendly ambassadors volunteering at the festival’s most important waste container areas, they give advice on which container should be used for your waste. It is easier and more fun this way.
  5. Our festivals are free of plastic straws – if you find any or find someone who offers them, let our ambassadors know about it.

People-friendly festival

  • Visiting with children? Keep an eye on them, so that they wouldn’t be frightened by the big crowds of people and won’t get lost! Prams and pushchairs are allowed on the festival grounds but please be considerate towards other festival visitors. The Street Food Festival can be entered with well-behaved calm dogs, who are on a leash! The good master of the dog cleans after the dog. We also have dog area, so take your dog there to drink water or use the dog toilet!
  • Enjoy and let others enjoy! Visitors who behave inappropriately, are drunk or aggressive are asked to leave the festival.

Down-to-earth festival

  • The organisers of the festival and the street food vendors do not guarantee that all the dishes will be offered from the beginning to the end of the festival. The menus can change during the day, some vendors can also completely run out of their food.
  • During the peaks of the festival, there might be queues for entering the festival grounds as well as for ordering/waiting for the food. We kindly ask you to be patient, to spend your time.
  • Coming by bicycle? Please leave your bicycle to the free unattended parking space near the festival grounds. It is not allowed to ride a bicycle on the festival grounds.
  • Good outfit is chosen according to the weather and to choose appropriate shoes, we suggest you consider the fact, that part of the territory is covered with gravel or grass.
  • You cannot pay by card everywhere. Just in case, bring some cash also.